The Grafana Enterprise Stack in less than 3 minutes

The Grafana Enterprise Stack in less than 3 minutes

May 10, 2021

Grafana Labs is the open & composable observability company. In just over 6 years, our namesake product, Grafana, has become the world's #1 dashboarding service for time series data with over 6 million users. And we've been recognized as a leader in the space.

Grafana Labs has built the world's first open & composable observability stack -- and it's natively designed for monitoring hybrid-cloud, container, and microservices environments.

The stack starts with Grafana, our visualization and analytics platform.

Grafana unifies data sets across your company into an interactive diagnostic workspace and allows DevOps and SRE teams to view holistic system health and identify root causes more quickly.

The Grafana Stack also includes solutions for Metrics, Logs & Distributed Traces.
Grafana Metrics is our large-scale Prometheus store, designed to easily scale to 100's of millions of metrics and retain the data for years for use in benchmarking, capacity planning, and predictive analytics.

Grafana Logs & Traces enable developers to capture and use more data in their diagnostics at a fraction of the cost of legacy tools.

Teams can self-host our stack or consume it as SaaS -- And it's all built with bank-grade security and reliability!

Try out the Grafana Stack today with the new FREE FOREVER tier on Grafana Cloud. Includes 10K Prometheus or Graphite metrics series and 50GB Loki logs:

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