GitKraken Workshop: Tuning Up PR Workflows

GitKraken Workshop: Tuning Up PR Workflows

Discover practical tips for smoother coding collaboration & get a peek into what's cooking at GitKraken!

Traditional development workflows rely heavily on pull requests, causing devs to wait around for feedback. Not only that, encountering merge conflicts from outdated branches or simultaneous code changes can be frustrating and disrupt your flow.

In this workshop, Justin Roberts and Jeremy Castile explore ways to encourage early collaboration, reduce rework, and get a clear picture of your work.

0:00 - Intro

0:50 - Challenges with Traditional PR Workflows

3:36 - How GitKraken Can Help Improve PR Workflows

5:15 - Demo - Cloud Patches & “Stashes”

15:27 - Q&A

18:38 - Demo - Focus View

23:36 - Final Thoughts