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GitKraken Client v8.4 Release: Team Workspaces + Pull Request View

Pull requests are now available in GitKraken Workspaces, providing users a centralized way to find, view, and modify pull requests across multiple repositories in one place. GitKraken Workspaces can now be shared with your team, so everyone working on the same project can easily access the repos and pull requests they need. Sharing a Workspace is also a convenient way to onboard new team members who may need to clone many repos at once.

Azure Spring Clean Stop Committing Your Secrets - by Dwayne McDaniel GitKraken

No one wants their keys and secrets on GitHub, but one bad push can mean you are suddenly exposed. Git and open source provide a way to automatically check for secrets on every commit! Dwayne McDaniel is the Developer Evangelist for GitKraken. This talk was released as part of Azure Spring Clean 2022 conference. Learn more about GitKraken's legendary tools for Git, including GitKraken Client, GitLens for VS Code, and Git Integration for Jira.

GitKraken Client Tutorial: How to Use the Git GUI & CLI

GitKraken Client is the most popular Git client in the world and the only one that comes equipped with both a graphical user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI). In this tutorial video you’ll learn how to easily and safely leverage the full power of Git. Use chapters to quickly skip ahead.

GitKraken Client v8.3 Release - Now 2x Faster for Apple Silicon Users

The GitKraken Client now runs natively on Apple Silicon with faster performance and lower power consumption. Additionally, a Mac Big Sur update means that those on MacOS Big Sur or later no longer need to run custom terminal commands to improve performance. If you are on a Mac with Apple Silicon, you will need to download the new client from our website and replace your existing client, but don’t worry. All of your settings, including profiles and integrations, will remain intact.

GitKraken Client v8.2 Release: Manage Multiple Git Repos & GitKraken Themes

Version 8.2 of the GitKraken Client introduces the ability to manage multiple Git repositories with GitKraken Workspaces. Improve organization by grouping multiple Git repos from one project together, and save time cloning multiple repositories and Git fetching from multiple repositories at the same time. GitKraken Workspaces also makes it easier to quickly onboard new team members to Git projects. Also new in this release.

The Visual Git Road to Technical Leadership

Not every developer prefers the CLI. From devs to non-technical team members alike, a growing number of users—from beginners to advanced Git users—are choosing to use Git tools that enable better project visualization. With the proper workflow, visual Git tools can leverage the power of project history in Git far beyond version control. Monitoring projects and keeping teams in sync set the foundation for an efficient, integrated, and pleasant daily developer experience.

Why are you being such a git about it? - Git Best Practices

Are your Git repositories just a dumping ground for code? In this Git best practices session from the GitKon Git conference, we will look at Git branching strategies, the importance of a Git commit message, and how often you should commit, with Joe Glombek, Umbraco developer with Bump Digital. With 5 simple Git tips, you can turn a code dump into a glorious archive or software while saving time, frustration, and money.

Git Behind the Scenes: How Does Git Work

How does Git work under the hood? Have you been using Git for a while, but feel you’re still missing a comprehensive understanding of how Git works? You’re not alone. Many people will try to explain Git with something like: “all of the data Git needs for a repository is stored within a folder called.git,” but that’s not the full story. In this session from the GitKon Git Conference, Corbin Crutchley, CTO at OceanBit, will go over in detail how the.git folder is able to track all of your changes in Git.

Writing a Book Using Git and Staying Organized on a Project

Git can be intimidating for non-developers, even though it’s in use by businesses and organizations across the world. In what other ways can we use Git to build and structure our lives? In this talk from the GitKon Git conference by Jessi Shakarian from DIA Design Guild, we will look at how you can use Git and GitKraken to brainstorm, draft, and edit parts of a book. Using Git for writers is just one example of how Git can be used beyond coding.