GitKraken DevEx platform: Meeting you wherever you & your team code

GitKraken DevEx platform: Meeting you wherever you & your team code

May 14, 2024

The GitKraken DevEx platform enables 30 million+ developers worldwide to experience coding workflows with fewer distractions, better collaboration and increased velocity.

GitKraken’s DevEx platform supports developers wherever they want to write or manage their code: from Windows, Mac & Linux desktops; to the IDE; to the terminal; to web or even mobile. Across GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps. Even integrating with Jira, Trello and other issue tracking systems.

See how features like Code Suggest is revolutionizing code reviews; it empowers developers to edit and comment anywhere in their projects, not just on modified lines. It's like Google Docs for PRs, making the review process comprehensive, faster and actually helpful.

Plus, GitKraken's new Launchpad is a real-time hub for developers to manage their work in progress, issues, and pull requests; Launchpad aggregates, prioritizes, and enables devs to take action on their most impactful open items. The team-level Launchpad provides all team members with real-time visibility into status, and the team’s workload and priorities.

Watch now to discover how GitKraken can revolutionize your coding workflow!