Git Behind the Scenes: How Does Git Work

Git Behind the Scenes: How Does Git Work

Nov 12, 2021

How does Git work under the hood? Have you been using Git for a while, but feel you’re still missing a comprehensive understanding of how Git works? You’re not alone.

Many people will try to explain Git with something like: “all of the data Git needs for a repository is stored within a folder called.git,” but that’s not the full story. In this session from the GitKon Git Conference, Corbin Crutchley, CTO at OceanBit, will go over in detail how the.git folder is able to track all of your changes in Git.

How does Git work internally? In this talk, you will explore how Git’s internal plumbing system utilizes your file system to keep references of Git branches, commits, files, and more! You will also learn:

  • The.git folder structure
  • How data is encoded for storage in Git
  • What Git uses as data structures internally
  • What happens under the hood in common Git operations
  • How to recover from major data losses in a Git project

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Corbin Crutchley
CTO, OceanBit