Getting started with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud - Masterclass 2024

Getting started with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud - Masterclass 2024

In the first episode of Masterclass 2024, you can learn how to setup the basic and essential configurations to get started with ServiceDesk Plus Cloud. Also, during the session, we will showcase simple steps to configure your mail server in the application, setup simple customizations, and implement automation like technician auto-assign.

In this episode, we will walk you through:
👉 Setting up instance configurations including sites and regions
👉 Configuring mail server and enabling automatic email to ticket conversion
👉 Customizing attributes like category, priority, level, etc.
👉 Automating ticket handling and management through business rules, SLAs, and tech auto-assign
👉 And more.

At the end of the session, attendees would be able to ensure that the fundamentals of their ServiceDesk Plus Cloud instance is configured well enough to support their best practice requirements across all the key ITSM processes.

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