Getting Back into In-Person Sales & Networking

Getting Back into In-Person Sales & Networking

Apr 14, 2022

As the world opens back up, are you missing in-person sales and networking opportunities that growth-focused MSPs are jumping on?

View this recording of a special live discussion with growth and revenue expert Adam Slutskin, the channel veteran behind wildly successful worldwide sales and marketing strategies at Liongard, ConnectWise, and others.

George Bardissi, bvoip CEO & founder as well as lead organizer of the Channel Strong Tour also joined the live chat. If you've seen the #ChannelStrong tour on social media in the past two years you know he's someone that knows a thing or two about successful in-person sales and marketing events.

Jump to key points in the discussions using the timestamps below:

⏱️ Timestamps⏱️

1:00 — Introductions

4:00 — Recapping the #ChannelStrong Tour

12:00 — Benefits of in-person networking and work

20:30 — One in-person event accomplishes tons in comparison to multiple virtual events

26:00 — Making in-person networking a success if you're shy or in-person just isn't your thing

34:00 — Arcades, movie theaters, and bars! Make it fun!

38:00 — Crash the party. Be a part of the communities that already exist.

40:00 — MDF. Split the cost with other partners and vendors to make it more manageable.

50:00 — George's in-person event recipes

52:00 — Create event FOMO through photos and social

54:00 — Nailing the event follow up

57:00 — Closing — IT Ops Security Summit