Free ITSM webinar from IT expert Vawns Murphy | ITSM in the next normal

Free ITSM webinar from IT expert Vawns Murphy | ITSM in the next normal

Watch this webinar on how to deliver effective services in the next normal, and learn about:

  1. Why our people, service desk technicians, and end-users alike are everything.
  2. Tools to communicate effectively in remote situations.
  3. How to deliver support in a hybrid environment.
  4. How to build improvement into post-pandemic IT service delivery.

The COVID-19 crisis completely changed our world. From an IT perspective, we’ve all had to change our ways of working, and will continue to evolve as everyone adjusts to the next normal. From a service desk and ITSM perspective, this will mean supporting colleagues in different ways, embracing new technology, and having plans in place for future lockdowns and supply-chain issues.

In this webinar, Vawns talks about how we can still deliver effective service by using a combination of people skills, technology, and best-practice frameworks. We’re not going to return to the days of pre-COVID, but what we can do is move forward effectively.

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