Effective CI/CD with Github and the JFrog Platform

Effective CI/CD with Github and the JFrog Platform

Feb 5, 2021

Webinar Description:

Are you using GitHub for your SCM and as the starting point of your delivery process? Join this webinar to learn advanced tips and tricks for simplifying and accelerating your CI/CD pipelines with the JFrog Platform on top of GitHub.

Sharing a detailed demo of a real-world release pipeline triggered from GitHub, we’ll review best practices and hard-won lessons for how you can streamline your end-to-end process and ensure it meets the security and quality requirements of large-scale enterprise delivery.

We’ll review:

Patterns for repo topology and best practices for package management at scale throughout your GitHub flow – for both legacy and container images.
How the JFrog Action helps you transform your CI/CD with GitHub
How JFrog Artifactory and GitHub Actions work together, and how you can enhance your GitHub processes with Artifactory’s rich build info and metadata.
How to enable DevSecOps and shift-left security throughout your pipeline
Tips for enhancing GitHub with the JFrog Platform for easy management of large-scale enterprise delivery pipelines
A taste of JFrog Pipelines and how it can be used with GitHub to simplify CI/CD for cloud-native microservices