Driving Jira with Git - by Adam Wride of BigBrassBand

Driving Jira with Git - by Adam Wride of BigBrassBand

Nov 12, 2021

No matter the team or the project, developers need to keep everyone updated on their progress. While Jira provides a rock-solid foundation for tracking and communicating progress, most developers agree: they don’t want to live in Jira. And neither do managers! They also want to see developers focused on solving hard problems and getting new features safely out the door.

In this session, Adam Wride, CEO of BigBrassBand covers how to leverage Git with Jira to get all of your updates into Jira without context switching. You will no longer have to jump over to Jira every time you Git commit. Discover Smart Commits and Automation for Jira as paths to drive Jira with Git, so developers can focus on developing code.

Adam also shares how Git Integration for Jira has helped teams better communicate and be more productive using Git and Jira. If you’re a developer who is tired of hearing “updated Jira,” this talk is for you!

Learn more about Git Integration for Jira: https://bit.ly/3kJPflW

Adam Wride
CEO, BigBrassBand and General Manager, GitKraken