Driving Automation and Efficiency with NinjaOne Policies

Driving Automation and Efficiency with NinjaOne Policies

Jan 9, 2023

NinjaOne policies allow you to dictate how you want to manage individual or groups of devices collectively — everything from what you want to monitor for to what automation rules you want in place, patching preferences, security preferences, and more.

New to Ninja? This webinar will give you a head start on getting the most out of the platform. You'll also save time by seeing actual examples of how best — and how NOT to — set things up.

Even if you’ve been using Ninja for a while, this webinar may cause you to rethink how you’ve been setting up policies, and help you to start utilizing them in a much more impactful, efficient, and scalable way.

0:00 Intro

3:31 What policies are and how they work in NinjaOne

5:38 Policy inheritance, explained

10:08 Policy overrides

13:34 Examples of policy hierarchies (start here if you want to skip the basics and get right to the best practices & how-to)

26:29 Example breakdown of Root vs. Parent vs. Child policies

29:21 Policy management strategies

32:47 See it live

45:07 Real-world examples

53:32 Q&A

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