Datadog On Mobile Software Development

Datadog On Mobile Software Development

Aug 29, 2023

Understanding the health and user experience of your mobile application is critical in order to avoid user frustration, understand application crashes, and reduce bugs mean time to resolution. To help with that task, Datadog has a mobile monitoring solution that allows developers to better understand and improve their application. But what are the things to take into account when building observability mobile SDKs? How can we gather the right telemetry without affecting the underlying application?

In this "Datadog on" episode, Ara Pulido chats with Xavier Gouchet, Senior Software Developer in the Android SDK team, and Maciek Grzybowski, Senior Software Developer in the iOS SDK team, to discuss how their teams designed and implemented Datadog's mobile SDKs. They cover how they ensure that the applications using the SDKs continue to work as usual, without performance degradation or unexpected crashes.

By the end of the episode, you will learn some best practices when designing and testing mobile applications and Open Source SDKs that need to be performant, safe and secure.

00:00 Introduction

03:59 Mobile Monitoring

11:00 SDKs Non-functional Goals

13:04 Telemetry Storage & Upload

17:20 Session Replay

23:32 Mobile Ecosystem Fragmentation

30:56 Performance

37:07 Application Lifecycle

42:49 Privacy / Compliance

46:33 Open Source

49:49 Takeaways

51:05 Q&A