Checkly: Synthetic monitoring in one minute

Checkly: Synthetic monitoring in one minute

Jan 18, 2021

Checkly ( is a monitoring platform for developers working on modern web apps. We let you monitor your app's frontend and APIs using the tools and language you love. Run checks on schedule or triggered by GitHub PR from 20+ global locations. When things break or get too slow, we notify you on your favorite channels like Slack or Pagerduty, Discord, SMS etc.

To monitor your frontend, we run JavaScript and open-source powered browser checks. You can dive into the code yourself or use Headless Recorder (, our popular open-source Chrome extension, to create Puppeteer and Playwright scripts.

You can configure HTTP requests on the API side and adapt them to your use case running Node.js based setup and teardown scripts. Super handy for all kinds of authentication schemes.

Developers can use our free plan that comes with everything you need to monitor small projects.