Beyond the Launch: Enhancing IoT Device Quality

Beyond the Launch: Enhancing IoT Device Quality

Mar 4, 2024

Product quality doesn’t stop when your devices are deployed. In fact, that’s when it matters most.

And yet even with rigorous testing, all bets are off once your product hits the field. It’s impossible to anticipate every variable and environment your devices will encounter.

So how can you make sure your customers continue to love your product—not only on day 1, but 6 months down the road?

Find out exactly how to get the data you need to guide your team’s development decisions and deliver products that perform in the real world.

During the panel, IoT device experts from Engineering, Product, and Customer Experience discuss:

  • How your team and processes can seamlessly transition from pre-launch to post-launch
  • Common challenges of maintaining device quality once in the field
  • Why post-launch device monitoring matters and how to use the data to improve your business and products.

Discussion Panel: 0:00 – 48:05
Q&A from live audience: 48:06– 1:13:44