360º Fireside Chat with PagerDuty, Lisbon's Newest Tech Employer

360º Fireside Chat with PagerDuty, Lisbon's Newest Tech Employer

Jul 15, 2022

Joining João Freitas, GM & Engineering Site Lead in Lisbon for this 360º Fireside Chat about PagerDuty’s projects, challenges, the technical parts of PagerDuty and how everything comes together and where we are today and where we’re going in the future are:

  • Paula Thrasher, Senior Director of Infrastructure
  • Tim Armandpour, SVP Engineering

Time Stamps:

00:01 Introduction

3:02 Tim, tell us about your journey with PagerDuty for the past seven years, coming from a startup to a company that has gone through an IPO and continues to grow

5:15 What opportunities are there for developers and technical people in general?

7:51 Tim, how does PagerDuty impact their customers and the world?

11:56 Paula, can you tell us more about what makes engineering at PagerDuty unique and what key aspects should we consider?

15:30 Tim, why Lisbon and how do we connect the Lisbon office to the other offices and how do we guarantee consistency, how do we guarantee time zones consistency?

25:45 I want to highlight some of the key points around our tech stack and some of the technology that is around of the processes that you’ve mentioned. Can you bring some points around that?

30:25 Tim, can you tell us more about the hack weeks?

32:58 We not only build technology, but we need to build technology with a purpose. Can you elaborate more on that?

37:10 What is your favorite value and what it personally means to you?

43:05 What are your main strategies to maintain certain aspects of that culture while expanding the tech?

45:50 Wrap up

PagerDuty is hiring! Check our career opportunities for more info: https://boards.greenhouse.io/pagerduty

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