2022 Resolutions + 4 Sales-Free Ways to Boost Your Valuation

2022 Resolutions + 4 Sales-Free Ways to Boost Your Valuation

Jan 13, 2022

The top MSPs are heading into 2022 with a focused strategy and clear objectives. But even the best-laid plans can come up short if you’re not actively adjusting for blindspots and things simply beyond your control.

In the first MSP Live Chat of 2022, Chris Ryne from Growth Achievement Partners joined us and shared tips on how to implement a more achievable, resilient growth plan for 2022.

⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️

Intro 1:00
Opening the M&A conversation to MSP of all sizes 7:00
Chris covers his background and experience 9:35
Chris outlines his 4 points 12:05
Tom cover his business history in the early 2000s 15:00
Investing in the "4 Capitals" 21:00
We're optimistic about 2022 28:00
Methods to Generate new MRR 33:05
Value of human capital 33:20
Toms experience with the "4 Capitals" at his business 39:30
MSP Appraisal Calculator = 43:40
Importance of Branding 53:40
Outro and Questions 56:00

Grab the resources doc, which includes a link to download the appraisal calculator here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQ7srj7R2droe59w0kFRS_N4Y4zL61II1HDDmoWf7R9ymzK_wohzxxbdDBJmV93BEKOF274Zs6AFntt/pub

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