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Enterprise Alert 9.4.1 comes with fixes and the revised version of the sentinel connector app

In this release, we have addressed a number of bugs that were impacting the performance and functionality of the system. In the Kernel, we have resolved an issue where the broadcast was not being stopped after the first user acknowledged it. Additionally, we have fixed a crash that was occurring when loading component infos and an error log that was being generated when the Kernel started in suspended mode.

Critical System Alerts via SIGNL4

I recently had a call with a long-term customer who had been using Enterprise Alert for years without any major incidents. But in light of a recent proactive monitoring project, he also revisited Enterprise Alert and reached out to me to ask for my opinion on how he could improve the monitoring of Enterprise Alert from within the solution.

Enterprise Alert 9.4 Update introduces Remote Actions for hybrid scenarios and proxy support for MS Teams

We have released another update for Enterprise Alert 9 (version 9.4) which enhances the cloud bridge and MS Teams integrations. This will help you to setup scenarios where you wish to active your Enterprise Alert remote actions from with the Signl4 app as well as allowing for using a proxy to configure the MS Teams integration. Read all details in this article.

Upgrade your shopfloor alerting with Derdack

Over the last couple of months and service releases, we made continuous efforts to enhance Derdacks capabilities to collect, aggregate and alert shopfloor incidents for our Industry customers that primarily use OPC for alerting. In the accompanying projects, we made big improvements to our OPC Integration even added additional features. The OPC integration received a complete overhaul of the configuration and data management systems and can now handle OPC UA Alerts&Conditions.

The Power of using Enterprise Alerts Remote Actions via Cloudbridge

For over 20 years Derdack has been developing products that meet the challenges of incident management. It is well documented how Enterprise Alert and SIGNL4 not only filter through the noise with advanced alert policies, but also target the right on-call engineer with the use of sophisticated scheduling, anywhere ad-hoc collaboration and 2way communication back to the originating event source.

On-Prem? Cloud? Hybrid? What is my best option?

With the Cloud Bridge introduction, I started reaching out to our customer base to make sure people are aware of what this feature can do, Usually, I try to keep our customers up to date through blogs or the occasional webinar but with the Cloud Bridge, I went for a more personal approach. Reaching out to our customers individually, presented a unique opportunity to educate them on our Cloud Bridge and by extension what SIGNL4 can bring to the table.

Exploring Enterprise Alert User Types

Enterprise Alert offers the ability to get in touch with your users multiple ways to help you fit your business needs. We at Derdack pride ourselves in being customer first when it comes to not only product enhancements and features but also support and building that customer/vendor relationship that lasts for years. We want to ensure that you and your users have the abilities needed to handle any situation that may arise.