Top 5 benefits of network backup software

Top 5 benefits of network backup software

One of the leading and most catastrophic causes of is misconfigurations or faulty configurations. This type of downtime may occur at any moment suddenly, even sometimes turning out to be a surprise for network admins.

Whenever this type of downtime occurs, it is mandatory for network admins to find the root cause of the issue in order to troubleshoot and then bring the network back up. This is hectic as well as time-consuming, leading to a loss of precious time for the organization.

You can avoid this by backing up your vital configurations efficiently and promptly using network backup software.

Difficulties of not using network backup software

  1. Taking more time to troubleshoot a network disaster
  2. Searching and not finding the suitable configuration in time
  3. Uploading a non-stable configuration because of manual work
  4. Higher costs and lower productivity
  5. Hectic manual labor and a higher workload for admins

How network backup software works

Network backup software is automated software that helps you make backups of vital configurations (stable or baseline) that you can upload immediately and seamlessly during surprise network downtime.

A network admin using the right network backup software need not take hours or days to troubleshoot. Instead, the admin can bring the network back up in minutes using the backed-up configurations and then troubleshoot the root cause of the downtime. This way, admins have extra time to find and solve the issues thoroughly without any loss to the organization.

Top 5 benefits of network backup software

  1. Prevention of any data theft
  2. Low cost of service
  3. Reduced workload for admins
  4. Top security for configuration storage
  5. Hassle-free recovery from surprise network mishaps
  1. Prevention of any data theft

In 2020, Spartanburg County School District lost all its network access for three days due to a ransomware attack. Although no data was breached in this case, in situations like this, the chance of data theft is high.

With the right network backup software, you need not worry about configuration data breaches or the loss of configuration files. Network backup software has built-in security to safeguard your configuration details. The backed-up configurations are stored internally, and only the admin or operator with the proper credentials can use them to restore faulty configurations.

  1. Low cost of service

Manual tasks, especially configuration management, are always prone to human error. The costs of manual labor are high, while efficiency and productivity are low.

With network backup software, you can eliminate manual tasks completely as the software takes care of most tasks by itself, even outside of office hours. With this, you can profit from saved time, high efficiency and productivity, and low costs.

  1. Reduced workload for admins

In a large enterprise of about 10,000 devices, manual work is nearly impossible. The admin has to take care of all the devices for backups, changes, compliance, and firmware vulnerabilities. It is even more difficult for them when downtime occurs if they have to manually troubleshoot to find the root cause and then carefully upload a baseline configuration. This also paves the way for unwanted human error.

With network backup software, you can eradicate human error completely because the software takes care of all tasks automatically without any human dependence. This also greatly reduces the workload of admins.

  1. Top security for configuration storage

Keeping track of all configuration files is hectic and can lead to file loss. This can greatly impact your organization because a lost configuration file could be a stable or baseline configuration that you need during downtime.

With network backup software, the configuration files are encrypted and stored internally so that there is zero chance of loss.

  1. Hassle-free recovery from surprise network mishaps

Often, network downtime comes as a surprise. Because of this, organizations without network backup software struggle to bring their businesses back up immediately.

With network backup software, admins can use the backed-up, stable configurations to revive the business in minutes. Some network backup tools also provide the option of rollbacks, where an unwanted configuration change is reverted to the previous baseline or stable version according to your choice.

Network Configuration Manager: Your all-in-one network backup software

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is a multi-vendor network automation tool for network configuration and change management (NCCM).

Network Configuration Manager has advanced backup features and provides three types of backups for users:

  1. Manual backups
  2. Scheduled backups
  3. Automated backups
  1. Manual backups

With manual backups, users can instantly back up the configurations of any number of selected devices or device groups with the click of a button. This method is used when a device or device group needs an immediate backup of its configurations.

  1. Scheduled backups

Some devices or device groups require daily or hourly backups, which is difficult to manually keep track of in a large enterprise. With Network Configuration Manager, you can schedule the backup operation to run according to your needs (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) for any devices or device groups.

  1. Automated backups

If a user uses Network Configuration Manager for a long time and logs off from the console, the software automatically checks if any configuration changes have been made with the help of syslog. If there is a change, Network Configuration Manager automatically backs up the configuration. If there is no change, it discards the backup operation.

Finding it difficult to manage configurations and their backups? Download Network Configuration Manager now and be free of worries with its advanced backup capabilities.

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