Network automation tools and their importance in today's networks

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Network automation tools and their importance in today's networks

A network, as we all know, is the linking of two or more devices for resource sharing, file exchanging, or electronic communication. In a huge network organization consisting of more than 10,000 devices, managing every device manually is a hectic task and near impossible for network admins.

To overcome this challenge, a software-based feature known as network automation was invented. The main purpose of network automation is to automate tasks and reduce both the workload and human errors. This automation works through a network automation tool.

network automation

To incorporate automation, networks use an approach called orchestration. Network orchestration can be described as policy-based or event-driven automation used to run multiple, sequential high-level tasks or processes without human intervention.

This network orchestration can be handled seamlessly via automation using a network automation tool.

Why do you need a network automation tool?

  1. One of the leading causes of unexpected downtime or other network incidents is misconfigurations. Misconfigurations can cause network outages, poor performance, inconsistencies, non-compliance, and loss of access to a particular subnet or network, all of which negatively impact business operations and security. With proper configuration change management, you can keep track of small or large changes that go undocumented. backup feature, you can easily make backups with the click of a button, and schedule when a backup should run.


    Managing changes with change management

    In a huge network, you cannot keep tabs on the who, what, and when of every device manually. A minuscule change could shatter your business into unrecoverable pieces. With Network Configuration Manager's change management feature, you can always keep track of the who, what, and when of configuration changes. It also provides real-time change notifications via various mediums along with role-based access control so only select devices or device groups can be assigned to users. If any operator makes any changes to a configuration, admins immediately receive a notification about the change. They can then choose to accept or reject the change, preventing unauthorized changes completely.

    change management

    Automating tasks with Configlets

    As previously mentioned, managing 10,000 devices manually is near impossible. Suppose you need to enable SNMP v3 in all devices—you can't log in to each device via Telnet or Putty and enable it manually. With Network Configuration Manager, you can use Configlets to run the task. These automated templates can finish the task in minutes without any human assistance, greatly improving efficiency and productivity.


    Ensuring organization-wide security with compliance

    All devices in your organization's network need to adhere to certain rules and regulations in order to work smoothly and avoid huge fines. There are four important and mandatory compliance policies: PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and Cisco IOS. With Network Configuration Manager, you need not worry about mandatory policies being followed because they're enforced by default. With its compliance feature, you can get a bird's-eye view of all the active compliance policies and their details. You can also create your own custom policies.


    Managing firmware with firmware vulnerability management

    Firmware is important software programmed into devices for their functionality. But firmware is also vulnerable to malicious threats. With Network Configuration Manager, you can manage firmware separately and view a complete list of devices that are vulnerable. It also provides CVE IDs along with a link for patch downloads.


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