Checkly Unveils Innovative CLI Uniting Monitoring and Testing Through a Monitoring as Code Workflow

Checkly Unveils Innovative CLI Uniting Monitoring and Testing Through a Monitoring as Code Workflow

BOSTON MAY 09, 2023 -- Checkly, the leading provider of monitoring solutions powered by a monitoring as code (MaC) workflow, has announced the general availability of its new, innovative command line interface, the Checkly CLI. This enables a revolutionary workflow that transforms the way testing and monitoring are done, bringing a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to the industry similar to the impact that Infrastructure as code (IaC) had on infrastructure resources.

With the Checkly CLI, engineers can now automate the entire monitoring process instead of manual configuration—from code to test to deploy—all through a single command line interface. By uniting testing and synthetic monitoring, developers can reuse the same tools and tests from test environments to production to easily ensure the performance, reliability, and functionality of their applications throughout the entire software process, saving time and resources while improving application quality.

"Checkly established the monitoring as code pillars of code, test, and deploy, and the Checkly CLI is the next step in allowing engineers to expand their monitoring and testing from their code repository without using extra tools," said Hannes Lenke, co-founder and CEO of Checkly. "I'm thrilled to offer this new workflow that enables all engineers to run automated scripts for testing and, later, for production monitoring directly from their code repository. With the Checkly CLI, we are uniting testing and monitoring like never before, giving customers the power to achieve more with less."

The Checkly CLI provides a simple, powerful interface for creating and managing scripts, making it easy to set up and manage tests for web applications and APIs. With the CLI, customers can automate tests, deploy them quickly to transform them to monitoring, and integrate them seamlessly into their existing CI/CD process, fully automated and improving overall developer efficiency.

"Administering multiple monitoring checks with a UI can be tedious, and comes with the risk for significant errors. In a short period, we managed to migrate our checks to be provisioned with the new Checkly CLI and integrated Checkly's testing, as well as deployment into a GitHub Action,” said Tobias Deekens, Remote Principal Engineer at commercetools. “Not only has the check administration become easier, but more people feel empowered to add and edit more checks, which has ultimately improved our monitoring efforts."

In addition to the launch of the Checkly CLI, the company also unveiled a new brand and website, showcasing the company's commitment to providing innovative monitoring and testing solutions for engineers. The new website features a fresh, modern design and improved navigation to make it easier for users to find the information they need. The Checkly CLI is available now. Learn more by visiting the new Checkly website at

About Checkly

Checkly is a leading provider of monitoring as code solutions, offering tools designed to help customers achieve more with less. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Checkly is committed to delivering the best in monitoring and testing technology. For more information, please visit and follow @ChecklyHQ on Twitter.