Checkly Introduces Monitoring as Code Workflow, Enabled By a New CLI, to Unite Testing and Monitoring

Checkly Introduces Monitoring as Code Workflow, Enabled By a New CLI, to Unite Testing and Monitoring

Checkly introduces monitoring as code workflow, enabled by a new CLI, to unite testing and monitoring. The company announced the general availability of Playwright Test and has selected Playwright as its preferred testing and monitoring framework.

BOSTON (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 27, 2023: Company also unveils additional innovations including general availability of Playwright Test and selects Playwright as its preferred testing and monitoring framework

Today Checkly Inc., the leading synthetic monitoring company that enables developers to reliably code, test, and deploy their entire monitoring setup, announced a new monitoring as code (MaC) workflow—enabled by a new CLI released today in beta — that unites software testing and monitoring in one code-driven workflow that spans development, testing, deployment, and operations. The company also unveiled new features and enhancements, including general availability of Playwright Test, updated public dashboards, a robust new analytics API, and successful completion of its SOC 2 Type II security audit.

Checkly’s new MaC workflow and CLI enables developers, platform engineers, and SREs to code, test, and deploy their testing and synthetic monitoring in one seamless workflow. The new MaC workflow harnesses the power of Playwright for browser checks, and allows developers to store all resources in a Git repo, alongside their existing application code for increased deployment speed and confidence. The new Checkly MaC CLI also allows developers to code and structure resources using TypeScript, allowing them to take advantage of the improved developer experience and code maintainability.

“Configuring monitoring is often an overly manual process of operations teams. With MaC we are now liberating this traditionally siloed workflow, enabling developers to configure monitoring themselves early during development,” says Hannes Lenke, Checkly Co-Founder and CEO. “We’re thrilled to deliver our MaC workflow supporting Playwright and API checks to give developers the ability to code, test and deploy with confidence.”

Further demonstrating the deep value of the platform to customers and users, Checkly has already run more than 5.0 Billion API and browser checks and, in the last quarter, added nearly one hundred customers and thousands of users, including development teams at top brands and organizations globally.

“We have saved a lot of time —about a 20% time savings—by using Playwright on Checkly,” says Keegan Donley, Senior Front-End Engineer at Kizen. “We have a ton of team knowledge on how to use Playwright, so being able to spin up our first checks within just a minute or two, since the code was already written, was extremely useful and saved us a lot of time.”

Product Innovations Announced Today at Checkly Launch Week 2:

  • MaC Workflow and CLI (beta): A new MaC workflow and CLI allows developers to code Playwright-based E2E checks and API checks using TypeScript / JavaScript, then easily test and deploy those checks against Checkly’s global infrastructure.
  • GA for Playwright Test: Playwright Test is GA, and Playwright is now the default and recommended testing and monitoring framework to use with Checkly. This release also adds a new UI that includes screenshots, videos, traces, and error logs to improve monitoring efficiency.
  • Updated Dashboards: Updates to dashboards allow more users to brand and personalize the look and feel of their dashboards using custom CSS rules, configure custom subdomains, and also features improved readability and accessibility.
  • New Analytics API: A new analytics API gives users more freedom to generate reports for business needs. Users can now integrate Checkly data into 3rd party BI platforms like Microsoft PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Grafana, and more.

About Checkly

Checkly is the leading synthetic monitoring company, providing a monitoring as code (MaC) workflow that enables developers to confidently code, test and deploy their entire monitoring setup. Checkly's programmable, MaC approach integrates with development workflows, and provides end-to-end monitoring at speed and scale. Thousands of developers and more than 680 customers have used Checkly to conduct more than 5 Billion checks to date. Founded in 2018, Checkly is a remote-first company backed by Accel and CRV. For more information, visit and follow @ChecklyHQ on Twitter.