Checkly Advances Monitoring as Code with New User-Centric Features

Checkly Advances Monitoring as Code with New User-Centric Features

BOSTON, Aug 9, 2023 - Checkly, the leading provider of monitoring solutions powered by a Monitoring as Code (MaC) workflow, today announced the launch of two innovative features that will significantly enhance the user experience and streamline the monitoring process: the Checkly Activity Log and Checkly Code Exporter. These features enable and empower users to adopt MaC practices more efficiently and effectively into their software development lifecycle, reinforcing Checkly's leadership in the MaC movement.

The Activity Log provides users with a comprehensive history of their Checkly resources. It offers detailed insights into the origin of a resource, including who created or updated it, when it was modified, and the method used for modification, be it the Web UI, Checkly CLI, Terraform, Pulumi, or the Checkly API. This feature enhances transparency and accountability, providing users with a clear understanding of their resource history.

Code Exporter is a powerful feature that allows users to export their resources into Terraform HCL code or TypeScript code compatible with the Checkly CLI, providing a kickstart to their MaC practices. This feature is designed to simplify the adoption of the MaC workflow. It allows users to get started with the Checkly UI first, export their resources and scale their monitoring setup as code from their repository afterward.

Together, these features offer users an end-to-end workflow, making it easier than ever to adopt and benefit from MaC practices.

Checkly's approach to MaC, including the introduction of these new features, is founded on the company’s three key pillars of MaC: Code, Test, and Deploy. This approach allows teams to code their monitoring on their local machine, test their preview deployments in CI, and monitor in production. It's a code-first workflow that integrates seamlessly with modern software development practices and DevOps and SRE toolchains, enabling teams to collaborate, share, optimize, and increase the scalability of synthetic monitoring setups.

The Code Exporter and Activity Log are available for a wide range of resources, including API checks, browser checks, groups, alert channels, maintenance windows, dashboards, private locations, and environment variables. They are free to use on all plans, with data retention limits varying based on the plan type.

"Checkly is at the forefront of advancing Monitoring as Code, equipping users with innovative solutions that not only accelerate their adoption of MaC but also enhance their efficiency and productivity throughout their software development," said Tim Nolet, Checkly CTO and co-founder. "Our latest features show our unwavering commitment to drive the MaC movement, deliver an exceptional user experience, and provide tangible value to our users by simplifying their monitoring processes."

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Checkly is a leading provider of Monitoring as Code solutions, empowering DevOps teams to automate their monitoring configuration and support high-velocity changes. Checkly's solutions, including the CLI, are trusted by engineering teams worldwide, enabling them to collaborate, share, optimize, and increase velocity of monitoring configurations. For more information, please visit and follow @ChecklyHQ on Twitter.