Blameless Unveils New Terraform Provider to Elevate Workflow Management at Scale

Blameless Unveils New Terraform Provider to Elevate Workflow Management at Scale

SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2023 -- Blameless, the leading reliability management platform, today announces the release of a new integration with Terraform, now available for immediate download from the Terraform Registry(™). This innovative tool empowers enterprise organizations to programmatically configure and manage Blameless incident workflows.

Elevating Reliability and Governance

Reliability and engineering excellence within the enterprise depends on incident response and retrospective workflows that adhere to the highest operation and change management control standards, particularly in production environments.

For enterprise organizations leveraging Blameless and striving to achieve an elevated level of governance and control, the Blameless Terraform Provider offers essential configuration guardrails, including version control, automation, and security. Terraform, a widely recognized and respected tool within the DevOps, SRE, and software engineering communities, now seamlessly integrates with Blameless, providing a robust solution for managing incident workflows at scale.

Impact and Significance: Why This Matters

The Blameless Terraform Provider delivers a comprehensive array of features and benefits:


  • Tracking configuration changes with version control.
  • Detailed audit logs to track configuration changes and their authors.
  • Seamless automation of Blameless configuration changes, perfectly aligning with existing CI/CD workflows.


  • Streamlined, automated configuration updates.
  • Simplified configuration changes, reducing the risk of manual errors.
  • Accelerated onboarding with shareable templates.
  • Facilitated configuration rollbacks.
  • Enhanced learning resources for optimizing incident and retrospective workflows.

Additional Benefits:

The Blameless Terraform Provider offers flexibility by allowing programmable configuration and updates for various Blameless resources, including:

  • Blameless severity and roles.
  • Blameless organization settings.
  • Blameless incident types, complete with task checklists and retrospective templates.

"The Blameless Terraform Provider is a game-changer for engineering teams seeking higher governance and control. By leveraging Terraform, a tool embraced by the DevOps, SRE, and software engineering communities, organizations can greatly simplify configuring Blameless to meet their needs. That has so many implications for teams trying to be effective at speed: Setting standards around deployment, enhanced automation, or ensuring version control for incident workflows," said Jim Gochee, CEO of Blameless.

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About Blameless
Blameless is an incident workflow solution that carries teams through a codified playbook from start to finish in one fluid motion. DevOps, SRE, and on-call teams command, communicate, and complete incidents faster. Everyone learns through retrospectives and data-based insights. Leading brands such as Procore, Under Armour, Citrix, Mercari, Fox, and Home Depot rely on Blameless to embrace a culture of continuous improvement, do more with less, and protect their customers.

Blameless is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Accel, Third Point Ventures, and Decibel. For more information, please visit and LinkedIn or Twitter.

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