3 Ways You Can Use CRM Data Analysis To Increase Growth

3 Ways You Can Use CRM Data Analysis To Increase Growth

Customer Relationship Management software can be more than just a tool for managing communication with consumers during the sales and marketing processes. It can be a resource that can help guide you towards better and more effective marketing campaigns and boost your sales numbers. Here are three ways any business that uses CRM software can use it to grow.

  1. Connecting With Consumers

Data analysis can lead to all kinds of important and valuable insights and help you categorise your customers and separate them into groups you can market to more effectively. This lets you communicate with consumers with confidence, you know a little about them and how they shop. Contacting customers who have not made a purchase for a while can reconnect with them and prompt a sale.

Using data management skills to utilise your customer relationship management software as a resource gets extra value from the software and takes advantage of information that is unique to your business. The opportunities to learn more about your products, services, customers, and spending habits should not go overlooked. Data analysis has the power to supercharge your sales and give your business unprecedented levels of growth.

  1. Identify Your Best Customers

There is an old rule in business, and it seems to apply to any kind of company whether you supply a service or a product. Around 20% of your customer base is responsible for 80% of your sales. If you look at your own figures and analyse the data, you may be surprised how close to this ratio your own sales are. Identifying your core customer base can yield bigger sales numbers.

High-value customers can be a source of growth if you service them better and offer them value. Subscription-model services are becoming a popular marketing tool for this level of consumer. You can offer them a better price if they commit to a repeat order for the quarter or the rest of the year. This creates happier customers with more money to spend and guarantees sales for the coming months.

  1. Use CRM Data To Design Personalised Ads

The deeper you dive into your Customer Relationship Management data, the more focused it becomes on individual customers. You can use this highly focussed information to create personalised ads and offers specific to a customer.

This can be a great way to generate a sale from an account that has not used you in a while or spur a fresh sale from a regular customer with an offer on their favourite product. Spending some time each month marketing your business to cold customer leads and your core customer base can help give sales numbers a boost and hit targets in slow months. This helps to make your CRM a toolbox for sales you can reach into when you need better numbers.

Customer Relationship Management software brings more than just convenience and efficient communications, it also gives you a goldmine of consumer data. By chipping away at the walls of ones and zeros you can find nuggets of valuable information that boost sales and make marketing more effective.