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AI vs. ML: What's the Difference? + What is #aiops in 60 Seconds | #backtobasics | LogicMonitor

Ever wonder what #machinelearning (#ml) really means? Or how it's different from #ai? What even is #aiops? This #BackToBasics short explains it ALL in plain English! #shorts Follow us...

Learn about LogicMonitor's new launch approach

Check out this on-demand webinar with LogicMonitor’s Chief Product Officer, Taggart Matthiesen, and LogicMonitor’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Bill Emmett, for a conversation about how our recent product innovations can help you unlock intelligence and extensibility in your hybrid IT environments.

LogicMonitor Selenium Synthetics Demo

Synthetic Web Checks provides Selenium based recorded web checks with multiple steps and MFA support. By logically grouping all your website’s operations and treating each step as an individual device, Synthetic Web Checks helps you navigate through all of your website’s operations, and provides granular slicing of the data to display information that is more relevant for alerting and troubleshooting. Learn more in this short demo!

LogicMonitor Envision Dexda Demo

Watch this demo video to learn about our latest offering in AIOps, Dexda. Dexda ingests events from LogicMonitor Envision and seamlessly transforms them into episodes. Advanced machine learning techniques automatically identify features in the alert data to correlate the disparate alerts into connected insights based on time, resources involved, environment, and other significant features of the enriched alert data.

LogicMonitor Envision Platform UIv4 Overview Demo

Take your user experience to the next level and get the most out of the LM Envision platform with UIv4! LM Envision's New UI provides the fewest clicks to get users where they are trying to go, intuitive next steps, pre-set defaults, consistency of bulk actions, better search and filtering, all coupled together with modern React components that make for fast, reliable, consistent execution of common tasks.