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Create MySQL tasks easily

Databases are a critical component of our systems and their malfunction can affect business productivity. Therefore, we must make sure that they are working correctly. PandoraFMS has a plugin that allows the remote monitoring of MySQL databases through a Discovery task, by means of this task we can obtain information about the performance and status of the database, such as the number of connections, the availability of the database, the number of queries that are being made, buffer status and cache status, among other types of information.

Discover Promox plugin

Proxmox is an open source server virtualization environment. With this plugin, and by using the API, we will be able to extract data about nodes, backups, virtual machines and existing lxc containers, as well as information related to the system storage. In this video we see how the plugin works at a manual execution level in the terminal and how to register and use it in our PandoraFMS console.

New API authentication Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS external API is used to integrate third party applications with Pandora FMS and now we will be able to authenticate against it using the Bearen Token. It is a type of identification through HTTP headers that allows that each registered user in our Pandora FMS server can generate its own identifier of unique correspondence to make calls to the same API. In today's video we are going to show you how to generate these identifiers of the users of our server and how to make calls to the API with this identifier.

Stopping Agents and modules during a time interval

Learn how to create planned stops. Imagine that we are monitoring our resources, and we have to do a maintenance of an equipment that is being monitored, that equipment, or some of its services, will stop being operative and false alerts and events will be generated. To avoid this, there are the planned stops, a PandoraFMS system that allows us to deactivate the agents and modules that we select during a time interval, this way we will avoid receiving false alerts and events.

Environment backup and recovery

Backup copies are an almost mandatory prevention method in any environment in order to have the most critical elements secured against possible damages or loss of information. For this reason, today we bring you this video where we are going to see how to make security copies of the main elements of Pandora FMS and how to recover them in a very simple way.