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Site24x7 Synthetic transaction monitoring using a real browser

In this video, we'll show you how you can add a synthetic transaction monitor to track the performance and availability of multistep user transactions. Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations. Monitor the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. In-depth monitoring capabilities enable DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure including private and public clouds. End user experience monitoring is done from 90+ locations across the world and various wireless carriers.

Monitoring virtualization platforms and networks

Small and large businesses alike, opt for virtualization to optimize resource management. While you have a whole list options such as VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix, monitoring them for their availability is just as important. Watch this webinar and learn how monitoring virtualization platforms and the underlying network infrastructure works to your benefit.

Site24x7 Application Performance Monitoring

Site24x7 APM Insight provides you with unmatched visibility into the way your web applications behave. It is the developer's handy tool to better visualize web transactions end to end, with performance metrics of all components starting from URLs to SQL queries. Identify and resolve performance degradation no matter where they originate. It's a one-stop solution for monitoring your Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Node.js web transactions.

[Webinar] Why monitoring your multi-cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP) is mandatory

Resources hosted in the public clouds like AWS, Azure and GCP need round the clock monitoring to ensure the continued availability of resources. With workloads constantly being shifted to the cloud, here are the benefits that come with monitoring them.