How to visualize your network using topology maps

How to visualize your network using topology maps

Topology maps offer a comprehensive overview of your entire network through a single console, enabling you to respond quickly to any issues that may arise. You can create custom network maps that arrange your network devices and their connections logically and hierarchically over a predefined or custom background so you can visualize how your network is structured and how it operates.

Why should you use topology maps?
Imagine running a global organization with offices sprinkled across the globe, each connected by a web of thousands of network devices. It's a complex network that keeps your business thriving, serving customers, and supporting employees without a hitch. But what happens when one of these crucial devices runs into trouble? Scrolling through an endless list to pinpoint the problem is like finding a needle in a haystack.

With Site24x7's innovative and intuitive topology maps, you can wave goodbye to endless scrolling and view all your devices in an easy-to-understand visual format. At a glance, you can spot which devices require assistance and even predict which ones might be affected next.

Monitor groups:
You can even group your devices logically based on factors like location or department and add them to your maps. If that group is in trouble, you will instantly know what is at stake and what actions you need to take strategically to get your devices up and running.

Custom nodes:
Site24x7 offers the flexibility to add custom nodes that can be utilized for various purposes. These nodes can be used as placeholders for other devices, to depict the floor number where the linked devices are located, or to simply show which ISP is being used by those devices.

Site24x7 transforms network management into a seamless experience with its intuitive topology maps. Packed with all the essential features, it ensures you can visualize your network maps with unparalleled accuracy, making it a breeze to keep everything running smoothly.

Watch this video to see how you can visualize your networks using topology maps with Site24x7!

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