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CISO Fireside Chat: Volkswagen Slovakia Implements Progress Flowmon

Volkswagen Slovakia's IT and operational technology departments operate and monitor thousands of IP addresses and User ID credentials, as well as hundreds of automated machines. The company trusts Progress® Flowmon® to execute new strategies tied to security monitoring, detecting anomalies and enforcing its Zero Trust Policy. Join us for a Fireside Chat with Marian Klaco, Volkswagen Slovakia's Chief Information Security Officer.

Mastering Network Troubleshooting: Deep Dive into Flowmon Monitoring Center

Watch our insightful webinar as we explore the intricacies of troubleshooting network issues using the Flowmon solution. This session will focus on leveraging the Flowmon Monitoring Center for proactive analysis and resolution of common challenges, including clients encountering difficulties connecting to servers and bandwidth utilization concerns.

Detect Ransomware with Flowmon

Experience Ransomware attack step by step and see how you can leverage Flowmon AI-powered threat detection to detect and stop ransomware attacks, before it reaches your storage and your critical data. Progress® Flowmon® is a network and security monitoring platform with AI-based detection of cyber threats and anomalies, and fast access to actionable insights into network and application performance. The solution supports cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments suitable for company-wide coverage, market’s fastest deployment time and has been recognised by Gartner since 2010.

The First 48 Hours of Ransomeware Incident Response On-Demand Webinar

The first 48 hours of incidents response is the most critical. We will explain few important steps that need to be taken to mitigate the impact on service availability, information systems integrity and data confidentiality. The cyber resilience is also covered by the individual national regulations and directives. In this on-demand webinar we’ll let's take a closer look at it and explain why principles of Network Detection and Response shall be a crucial part of technical measures implementation for regulated entities.

Ask Me Anything WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon Integration

Watch the Ask Me Anything: WhatsUp Gold and Flowmon Integration webinar where you will learn how to leverage Flowmon’s NPMD/NDR within WhatsUp Gold to view details about your traffic analysis through the same interface you use to monitor your infrastructure. We’ll discuss the benefits of the integration and how fewer tools means better MTTR, more efficiency, and better/faster diagnosis for your business.

What's New in Flowmon 12.3 Release

New release offers exciting new features such as new navigation menu and visual comparison of historical trends. Flowmon ADS 12.2 brings new IDS event visualisation, AI-assisted analysis, Threat Score, Additional insight into Application and platform and more. In this webinar product experts Martin Skoda and Filip Cerny will showcase new workflows and improvements in user experience that Flowmon 12.3 and Flowmon ADS 12.2 brings in live demonstration.

CISO's MOST WANTED: Outsmarting Cyber Criminals with Tips from a Former FBI Agent

It's not a matter of IF you’ll be hacked, it’s a matter of when. No one understands that more than FBI Special Agent, Scott Augenbaum, who spent 30 years as a Supervising Agent for the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Unit. Scott joins our panel of experts to discuss today’s cyber threats and practical security solutions to keep you one step ahead of cyber criminals.