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Flowmon Network Performance Monitoring

Flowmon is like having an AI-powered network security analyst joining your team, tirelessly monitoring your network 24/7, analysing traffic patterns and identifying potential threats in real time to help alert you in early attack stages. The solution distils thousands of alerts into a few security incidents intelligently prioritises critical events, providing real-time insights and actionable intelligence for shortening the time to investigate attacks and automate response.

Mastering Incident Response: A Guide to Becoming a Proficient Security Analyst

Watch the webinar and learn how to: Refine your workflows based on different perspectives Simplify your incident responses by creating more thorough drilldowns of your infrastructure Inform your team of threats based on robust insights and information.

Detecting, Investigating, and Responding to Threats: Best Practices

In this webinar, we will explore tips, trends and best practices for quickly and accurately detecting and responding to an always-evolving array of bad actors. Don't miss the chance to explain why your solution can help strengthen defences and give IT managers some peace of mind in an increasingly scary threat landscape.

The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Explore the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity, unlocking the secrets behind AI’s transformative influence in digital asset protection, during our exclusive webinar, “Enhance Your Cybersecurity by Harnessing the Power of AI.” Our product expert will discuss the wide-reaching impact of AI and teach attendees how to navigate dynamic cybersecurity trends and the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Mastering Performance Optimization: A Deep Dive into Troubleshooting with Progress Flowmon

Description: Watch our webinar and learn more about troubleshooting performance issues with Progress Flowmon! We’ll showcase the powerful Flowmon Monitoring Center and delve into advanced analysis techniques for investigating performance issues reported by clients. Pavel Minarik, VP of Technology at Progress, will guide you through real-world scenarios, providing practical tips and strategies to streamline your troubleshooting process and maintain optimal network and application performance.