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Maximizing Cloud SQL database availability

How does Cloud SQL achieve near-zero downtime? Join Debi Cabrera as she interviews Product Manager, Rahul Deshmukh. Rahul discusses the various capabilities of Cloud SQL and the best practices to maximize business continuity for applications. Watch along and hear firsthand from the session speaker about configuring and monitoring Cloud SQL for maximum availability.

Cloud threat detection and response

Google Security Command Center (SCC) Enterprise is the industry’s first cloud risk management solution that fuses cloud security and enterprise security operations - supercharged by Mandiant expertise and AI at Google scale. Watch and learn how to detect threats to your cloud resources and automate attack response.

An introduction to Duet AI in Google Cloud

Join this session to discover how Duet AI in Google Cloud, an AI-powered collaborator, can boost your team’s productivity and expertise in the cloud domain. We’ll explore the powerful features of Duet AI, such as AI-driven code assistance directly in integrated development environments to increase developer productivity, AI-backed operations to help operators better manage cloud infrastructure and application, AI-powered data exploration, and Duet AI in AppSheet that empowers business users to build apps in the cloud. We’ll also share our vision for Duet AI, explore the future roadmap, and demo its key features.

How to create log sinks

Are you wondering how you can route your Google Cloud logs to your desired destination? Then check out this video, where we introduce you to log sinks which can be used to route logs to various supported destinations, walk you through how it works and the list of supported destinations to which logs can be routed. It covers the different use cases and scenarios, where the logs sinks can be very useful. We’ll also demonstrate how to create and configure an aggregated log sink that sends all VPC flow logs to BigQuery.

Enable and use GKE Control plane logs

Are you having any issues with the control plane components in your GKE Cluster? Are you interested in gaining visibility into the control plane side of the cluster to troubleshoot the issues by yourself? Then GKE Control Plane Logs is a great way to gain insights on what's going on with your cluster. In this video, we provide a quick overview about Control Plane components and logs, and show how to enable control plane logs on the new and existing GKE clusters. Watch this video to learn how to use Control plane logs to troubleshoot webhook and control plane latency issues in GKE clusters.