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Forge for Bitbucket Cloud: Laying the foundation for infinite extensibility

Bitbucket Cloud is excited to announce the general availability release of our integration with Atlassian’s Forge extensibility platform, marking a significant step forward in our journey to build an infinitely extensible code and CI/CD solution; a concept we've labelled the DevOps Automation Platform. Forge is Atlassian's cloud app development platform, allowing developers to host apps on infrastructure that is provisioned, managed, monitored, and scaled automatically by Atlassian.

Unified user management is generally available for new Bitbucket Cloud workspaces!

We are excited to announce that unified user management is now generally available for new Bitbucket Cloud workspaces. Unified user management brings Bitbucket user, group, and product access management to Atlassian Admin. This means that you can manage users across your Atlassian tools in one unified place and connect to external directories via Atlassian Access.

Custom Merge Checks in Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud is on a mission to become the most extensible cloud SCM and CI/CD product in the market. We believe that extensibility is a key enabler for large, complex organisations to operate effectively in the cloud, and we are excited to be leveraging Atlassian’s industry-leading extensibility platform, Forge, to bring this mission to life.

New in pull requests: Batched comments

Bitbucket Cloud is excited to introduce a new feature to streamline the way you communicate pull request feedback to your colleagues. You now have the option on pull requests to batch comments into a single review. By doing this, you submit all your feedback at once, letting other PR participants know – with a single email notification – that you have finished your code review.

Introducing enhanced webhook security

We are excited to announce webhook secrets, a powerful new feature that will provide an extra layer of security for your webhook payloads in Bitbucket Cloud. With the ability to add secrets to webhooks, you can now sign webhook payloads to ensure they are coming from Bitbucket Cloud and protect against unauthorized access.

Atlassian Intelligence features for Bitbucket Cloud are now in beta!

We're excited to announce that Atlassian Intelligence features are now in beta and are available to all workspace admins to activate in their workspace settings. Generative AI in the editor lets you generate, transform, and summarize content while you're writing Pull Request descriptions or comments in the Bitbucket Cloud code review experience.

Five exciting new features coming to Bitbucket Cloud

As part of our product strategy to build for scale, security, and compliance, Bitbucket Cloud is continuing to invest in features that help enterprise teams operate at scale and build world-class software. In this blog, we'll share some of our recently shipped features and five exciting features we have lined up for you.

[New Premium feature] Share pipeline workflow configurations across your repositories

As part of our focus on building features around team scale and performance, we are happy to announce that Bitbucket Pipelines now supports sharing of CI/CD configurations across repositories. This feature is now available as part of our Premium plan. With this feature, your teams can create centralized pipelines yml workflows and import that workflow to other repositories in your workspace. This brings several benefits: Here’s how it works.