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Demystifying the complexity of cloud-native 5G network functions deployment using Robin CNP - Part II

Now that we have discussed the networking part , the next step is placing the application into a host. Robin.io’s cloud platform has the concept of master, compute, and storage nodes. Typically, the hardware servers would have multiple NUMA nodes. In order to achieve the best performance, the platform should utilize the resources from the same NUMA node. Failing this – if users are consuming a resource from another NUMA node – then their performance would degrade.

Demystifying the complexity of cloud-native 5G network functions deployment using Robin CNP - Part I

Robin.io simplifies the operations and lifecycle management of 5G applications at scale and demystifies the complexity around 5G and network functions management. The simplified end-to-end automation and App-Store-like user interface makes the management of applications easy for operators. This is relevant for several reasons.

Robin.io continues high performance spree; named Leader and Outperformer once again by GigaOm

2022 has been a phenomenal year for Robin.io. We had some big-ticket moments at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona; we became a part of the prestigious Rakuten group, and now, we are continuing the sprint, having been named Leader and Outperformer by the 2022 GigaOm Radar Report for Mobile Edge Solutions.

How to leverage Kubernetes to modernize your legacy enterprise application infrastructure

The biggest question facing many businesses today is how to improve the efficiency and agility of their application delivery processes. Along the journey to infrastructure modernization, do they continue to maintain applications as-is, or do they need to be migrated, upgraded or replaced? This blog attempts to answer some of these questions. Take any popular enterprise app, like your Oracle business suite, or even a custom-built application, and it will typically follow a three-tier architecture.

Delivering effortless hyperautomation to build and drive high-performing 5G networks

5G is seeing rapid adoption due to its promise of high speed, seamless delivery and low latency, that enables it to deliver new and exciting revenue-generating services. Studies reveal that there will be 1.2 billion 5G connections by 2025, covering a third of the world’s population. 5G will play a critical role in enabling the next-generation of applications and services, like gaming, trade and Industry 4.0, in general.

Creating competitive differentiation in telcos through cloud-native

It’s never too early or late to start talking about cloud-native. By 2025, more than 95% of new workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms. Clearly, a lot of organizations are on their way to cloud-native adoption, among them some of the prominent telecom operators of our time. After all, the benefits of cloud-native are most pronounced in the telecom sector, where the need for scale, automation and predictable cost structure at optimal OPEX and CAPEX is more persistent than ever.

Rakuten Symphony agrees to acquire leading US-based cloud technology company Robin.io to deliver highly integrated telco-cloud for mobile

Focused on reliable high performance, cost efficiency, multi-domain automation. Delivering on today's mobile operator needs in the simplest way and preparing for the next generation of 5G and Enterprise cloud-native deployments & operations. Partha Seetala to lead Rakuten Symphony's Unified Cloud business unit.

Cloud-Native Infrastructure Automation - The Key to 5G Success

5G has proven to be a game-changer for several businesses. Given the advancements in O-RAN contributed by cloud-native design & 5G Core, telecommunication vendors, Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and enterprises are trying to deliver an extraordinary customer experience by leveraging 5G. This also presents a massive opportunity for service providers to simplify and enhance customer experience, fortify existing revenue streams, and tap into new markets.