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Navigating the VMware by Broadcom Acquisition

In November 2023, the technology landscape witnessed a monumental shift with Broadcom's acquisition of VMware for $69 billion. This strategic move not only redefines the contours of IT and cloud computing but also signifies a new era for the new giant. Broadcom's leap towards subscription-based services and hybrid cloud environments echoes a broader industry evolution towards more flexible, service-oriented architectures.

Navigating the future of tech: Insights from Solomon Hykes

Earlier this year, Mark Boost and Dinesh Majrekar had the chance to sit down with Solomon Hykes at Navigate North America 2024 to speak about his thoughts on the future of tech. Solomon is best known as the Founder, former Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Architect of Docker, and is currently the founder of Dagger, a programmable CI/CD engine that runs pipelines in containers, allowing development in various programming languages and execution across diverse environments.

Kubernetes 1.30 aka Uwubernetes: What's New?

Kubernetes 1.30, the latest release from the Kubernetes project, introduces several significant updates that enhance the orchestration capabilities of the platform. This release continues the trend of evolving Kubernetes into a more robust, scalable, and secure system for managing containerized applications across diverse environments. Below, we delve into the key updates in Kubernetes 1.30.

The broken cloud market: Why free credits are the kryptonite of competition

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating the state of the UK cloud market, and for good reason. While the submissions and commentary already submitted to the CMA point to various concerning practices, one issue stands out as the single biggest threat to a healthy, competitive landscape: excessive free cloud credits. This tactic, employed by the dominant hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform), is akin to a drug dealer offering free samples.

The egress fee trap: How hyperscalers hurt customers and stifle innovation

Today, at Civo, we announced the complete removal of all egress fees, without caveats. Regardless of whether you stay with Civo, or look to move to another provider. Why have we done this? Our decision to remove egress fees is rooted from the original promise of cloud computing: flexibility and freedom. It embodies the ability to tap into virtually limitless computing resources on demand, without being tethered to rigid, on-premises infrastructure.

How to overcome common challenges in machine learning deployments

🚨 To read the full findings from this research, visit The Machine Learning State of Play 2024 white paper. Are the challenges of deploying machine learning (ML) overshadowing its true potential in the modern workplace? Through our recent white paper , we spoke to 500+ developers who have experience working with ML systems to gain an understanding of the pain points faced by developers when using ML solutions.

CPU vs GPU: What's the Difference?

If you've ever delved into the intricacies of PC building or taken your first steps in an introductory Computer Science class, chances are you've encountered the ubiquitous term – GPU. For many gaming enthusiasts, myself included, GPUs are the magic component that gives you more frames in your favorite FPS game, while CPUs are the component where our code finds its execution space.

Kubefirst joins the Civo family

I am excited to share the news that Civo has acquired Kubefirst, the renowned open-source GitOps powered platform for Kubernetes, as part of our commitment at Civo to simplify cloud computing complexities. This acquisition aims to drive synergies between Civo and Kubefirst, fostering enhanced product offerings and innovation in the cloud computing space. Together, this partnership will allow us to continue expanding our capabilities and enhance the services offered to our community.

What to expect from Civo in 2024: GPUs, Navigate, and ML

From the announcement of our first tech event, Civo Navigate, to building a machine learning landscape, 2023 has been an incredible year for Civo. Last year enabled us to shift our focus towards community engagement, product enhancements, and sustainability, allowing us to foster a more robust, inclusive, and environmentally conscious technology ecosystem. Let’s take a look back at the incredible work the team has been working on over the past year and what we can expect to see in 2024.