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BYOCNI: Introducing Calico CNI for Azure AKS

Cloud-native applications running on Kubernetes rely on container network plugins to establish workload communication. While Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides several supported networking options (kubenet and Azure CNI) that address the needs of most deployments, Microsoft recently introduced the ability to bring your own networking solution, called BYOCNI, to help users address more advanced networking requirements. This new feature enables AKS customers to run Calico networking on AKS.

Tigera has been awarded Microsoft's 2022 Partner of the Year award for OSS on Azure

We are proud to announce that we have won the 2022 Microsoft OSS on Azure Partner of the Year award! The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered outstanding Microsoft-based applications, services, and devices during the past year. Awards were classified in various categories, with honorees chosen from a set of more than 3,900 submitted nominations from more than 100 countries worldwide.

Contributing Cool Community Content to Calico

It’s right there on our community page—the statement that “Project Calico is first and foremost a community.” With that in mind, we wanted to make it easier for new contributors to get involved. It’s a win-win scenario—developers experience less frustration, they can get their work done, and have their contributions considered. Plus, the project can easily benefit from the contributions.

Key advantages of the Calico eBPF data plane

Project Calico has offered a production-ready data plane based on eBPF since September 2020, and it’s been available for technical evaluation for even longer (since February 2020). The pre-requisites and limitations are simple to review, it’s easy to enable, and it’s easy to validate your configuration. So, there’s never been a better time to start experiencing the benefits! You do know what those are, don’t you? Don’t worry if not!

What's new in Calico Enterprise 3.14: WAF, Calico CNI on AKS, and support for RKE2

At Tigera, we strive to innovate at every opportunity thrown at us and deliver what you need! We have listened to what users ask and today we are excited to announce the early preview of Calico Enterprise 3.14. From new capabilities to product supportability and extending partnerships with our trusted partners, let’s take a look at some of the new features in this release.

Boosting your cluster networking with the Calico VPP data plane (beta)!

Calico v3.23 is out, and with it a lot of new features! This release marks a long-awaited milestone for me and my team, as it includes the Calico VPP data plane (beta). So now seems to be a good time to reflect on what this integration actually is, and why we built it.

Introducing our brand new (and free!) Calico Azure Course

Calico Open Source is an industry standard for container security and networking that offers high-performance cloud-native scalability and supports Kubernetes workloads, non-Kubernetes workloads, and legacy workloads. Created and maintained by Tigera, Calico Open Source offers a wide range of support for your choice of data plane whether it’s Windows, eBPF, Linux, or VPP. We’re excited to announce our new certification course for Azure, Certified Calico Operator: Azure Expert!

What's New in Calico v3.23

Hey everyone. We’re excited to announce the release of Calico v3.23! Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to the release. We could not have fitted this many improvements in without you. To view the detailed release notes, please visit us here. While we have many improvements in this release, here’s a brief overview of some of the larger features to be aware of.

A practical guide to container networking

An important part of any Kubernetes cluster is the underlying containers. Containers are the workloads that your business relies on, what your customers engage with, and what shapes your networking infrastructure. Long story short, containers are arguably the soul of any containerized environment. One of the most popular open-source container orchestration systems, Kubernetes, has a modular architecture.

A visual guide to Calico eBPF data plane validation

In previous blog posts, my colleagues and I have introduced and explored the Calico eBPF data plane in detail, including learning how to validate that it is configured and running correctly. If you have the time, those are still a great read; you could dive in with the Calico eBPF Data Plane Deep-Dive.