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July 2018

How the New Influx Query Engine Was Designed-And How to Use It With Grafana

Flux, the long-awaited new functional query processing engine for InfluxDB, has finally landed. If you’re curious to learn more about the hows and whys of its design, check out this GrafanaCon EU session with InfluxData Cofounder and CTO Paul Dix. Also we’d like to share a recent presentation from David Kaltschmidt, Director, UX for Grafana Labs on the new Flux support in Grafana!

Guest Blog Post: Ballerina Makeover with Grafana

In this guest blog post from the folks at Ballerina, Anjana shows you how you can easily visualize metrics from a Ballerina service with Grafana, walking you step by step through the installation and configuration of the components. They’ve also extended an offer for a free ticket to their upcoming Ballerinacon to the Grafana community.

GrafanaCon Recap: The State of TSDB

At GrafanaCon EU, we gathered representatives of the Graphite, Prometheus, InfluxDB, and Timescale projects in the hopes of starting a spirited conversation about the current state of Time Series Databases. They didn’t disappoint! Here are a few highlights from the TSDB panel featuring Erik Nordstrom from Timescale, Dan Cech from Graphite, Paul Dix from InfluxDB, and Tom Wilkie from Prometheus, and moderated by Grafana Labs co-founder and CEO Raj Dutt.