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October 2020

How do you make your customers feel?

There are a lot of tools, apps and services. If you’ve been following Product Hunt, you already know that startups and new apps are being launched every single day. A startup these days is so common that even high-school kids are doing it. There are endless rivers of guides, books and knowhow on how to do it, and since most startups have some sort of product or service, there might be an app for pretty much anything you might think of.

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GitHub Action to Cloudflare Workers Sites

As time goes by, I’m looking for solutions that require as little maintenance as possible. One of those is deploying our client web app and our homepage directly on the CDN edge, with GitHub Actions. Not only we don’t need a server to host the app, but the deployment script is also serverless and maintenance-less. This allows me to focus on important tasks, knowing that deployment and serving of the app is always blazing fast.