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July 2023

Partnership at the edge: selecting the right colocation provider

Long before a business addresses ‘who’ it will choose to deliver the benefits of colocation, it needs to understand ‘why’. This is especially important if that decision is being made in the context of a choice between edge architectures, or alternatives such as hyper-scale cloud. Typically, the main order of motivation is performance, cost and control.

Ambition, action, and award-winning achievement: creating UK's first EDGE Network

The lessons of history: spotting the EDGE opportunity By early 2020, Pulsant had evolved into a midmarket service provider focused on regional businesses. Catering to this demanding community, Pulsant had developed a range of platforms and data centres to service those businesses that drive the economic growth of UK plc.

No PC required: Meet OutReal, the future of VR gaming

Arvindhan PA, Founder of OutReal, wants to bring VR gaming to the masses with a cloud-based platform that doesn’t depend on PCs or consoles, a world first. We’re providing the infrastructure to turn his vision into a reality. Here’s the story so far. There was a time when the idea of a VR headset in every household seemed like science fiction. Today, it feels more like an impending reality.