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November 2022

2022 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award

Intellyx, the first and only analyst firm dedicated to digital transformation, today announced that Speedscale has won the 2022 Digital Innovator Award. This is Speedscale’s second year winning the award. As an industry analyst firm that focuses on enterprise digital transformation and the leading edge vendors that are driving it, Intellyx interacts with numerous innovators in the enterprise IT marketplace.

Optimizing Your Kubernetes Load Testing with Speedscale

One of the major factors that come into play when deciding on a load testing tool is whether it can perform as you expect it to. There are many ways to measure how well a load testing tool performs, with the amount of requests per second undoubtedly being one of the main ways. Speedscale creates load tests from recorded traffic, so generating load is at the core of the tool.

How to Create K6 Load Tests from API Recordings

Load testing is one of the most common ways to test the resiliency of your applications. In this blog we show how recording production data with Speedscale and exporting to a K6 load tests gives you the best of both worlds. Whether or not it’s important for your organization, there are clear benefits to be had from implementing these types of tests. By doing so, you can: When it comes to load testing, two of the most modern tools are Speedscale and K6.
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How to Test Autoscaling in Kubernetes

In an ideal world, you want to have precisely the capacity to manage the requests of your users, from peak periods to off-peak hours. If you need three servers to attend to all the requests at peak periods and just one server at off-peak hours, running three servers all the time is going to drive up expenses, and running just one server all the time is going to mean that during peak periods, your systems will be overwhelmed and some clients will be denied service.