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December 2020

Alert Sync 2.0 is here!

Alert Sync converts critical Alerts into actionable Incidents using real-time, two-way synchronization. This seamless integration of SCOM and ServiceNow, creates the perfect partnership between Alerts & Incidents, so you can successfully manage them throughout the lifetime of an issue. Gone are the days of scripting, we've baked all this into our new features, saving you time & optimizing incident management, with our cool new features.

What's the best way to create ServiceNow Incidents from SCOM?

If you have ServiceNow and SCOM you will want to integrate these tools to ensure they deliver maximum value for your business. There are four key benefits of creating ServiceNow incidents from SCOM: 1) Increase value of existing infrastructure monitoring tools by consolidating information and integrating them with connectors. 2) Understand root cause of the problem and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by transforming incidents into actionable alerts.