[Webinar] Are your networks resilient? Learn how network observability can help.

[Webinar] Are your networks resilient? Learn how network observability can help.

As networks continue to evolve, monitoring methods must also adapt. The key to building resilient networks, whether in the face of cyberattacks or natural disasters, lies in their ability to withstand adverse events and quickly recover. Achieving this requires a comprehensive understanding of network activity.

Today's global organizations contain cloud networks, VMware NSXs, on-premises networks, and more. However, with increased complexity comes increased vulnerability. A small issue may cause huge amounts of downtime, and pinpointing the root cause may be as tough as finding a needle in a haystack—unless you have a tool that collates information from across your organization and delivers actionable insights.

Network observability helps businesses gain valuable insights into their networks and detect weak spots that might otherwise go unnoticed. By implementing network observability in your organization, you can boost operational efficiency, fortify security measures, and optimize overall network performance.

Our webinar offers a comprehensive overview of network observability and how it can enhance your network's performance and security. Plus, get a sneak peek at our upcoming updates designed to improve observability in your organization.

In this session, we'll discuss:
Different types of networks and their monitoring challenges.
What network observability is.
How network observability works.
Why network observability is so important.
How you can implement it in your business.

Jump straight in:
(0:00) - Introduction
(2:00) - About Site24x7
(3:12) - Evolution of networks
(4:11) - Challenges in monitoring networks
(5:25) - What is network observability and why you need it
(6:50) - Achieving resiliency through network observability
(8:41) - Observability in the real world
(12:12) - Network monitoring vs. network observability
(15:19) - Key elements of network observability
(18:20) - Use case of network observability
(21:17) - Site24x7's current offerings and product roadmap
(24:19) - Conclusion
(27:14) - Q&A
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