Set up Performance Monitoring With Tonal

Set up Performance Monitoring With Tonal

Nov 1, 2022

We’re drowning in dashboards with no clues or clear steps to help us take action on our app’s performance. But as our eyes glaze over, we’re missing bugs and slowdowns sometimes weeks too late.

Join our interactive co-working session with Max Lapides, Senior Manager of Mobile Software Engineering at Tonal, and learn how to customize performance monitoring in real time with our latest product updates.

In this live session, you’ll get help from Sentry experts who will walk through how to get the most out of your setup to take the slog out of troubleshooting latency issues and:

  • Build custom spans to make performance data actionable
  • Set up metric alerts to get notified on changes in throughput, duration, etc.
  • Learn best practices for profiling and identifying performance issues (e.g. N+1 database queries)

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