Scale Your Devops With High Availability And Replication

Scale Your Devops With High Availability And Replication

Nov 17, 2020

As your development teams grow and you expand to different geographies, you will need a DevOps solution to help you scale and support your geographically distributed teams. This webinar will discuss the key benefits of upgrading to an enterprise grade solution and best practices in setting up your network for multi-site replication, high availability, load balancing, and scaling your storage needs as your business grows. Learn how to manage your artifacts and dependencies with the industry leader in universal binary management as your single source of truth and to secure your binaries. Additionally, we will discuss maximizing your uptime providing you with business continuity with zero downtime for upgrades, file sharding, massively scalable storage capabilities, and S3 technologies.


  • Artifact and Dependency Management Overview
  • Key Benefits to Upgrading & Best Practices
  • Multi-Site Replication & Distributed Teams
  • Business Continuity - High Availability
  • Storage Scalability

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