RMM Release Notes: New Apple Commands, AV and Backup Checks, New EDR Release and more!

RMM Release Notes: New Apple Commands, AV and Backup Checks, New EDR Release and more!

May 10, 2021


No doubt you’ll have noticed RMM recently had a little palette refresh with the launch of N-able, which we’re super excited about.

Important: Make sure you update the agent version on all your devices regularly to take advantage of feature enhancements, bug fixes and security updates. Go to Agent — Agent Auto-update Settings.

Apr 28 https://status.n-able.com/2021/04/28/n-able-rmm-service-release-with-apple-device-management-enhancements/
Apple Device Management: New ‘Remote Wipe’ and ‘Checkout’ commands for ADM-enrolled Macs, so Macs and iOS now offer the same set

Apr 14 https://status.n-able.com/2021/04/14/n-able-rmm-upcoming-service-release-with-new-linux-agent-new-remote-wipe-mac-command/
Linux Agent update: New Linux Agent (RC 2.0.6) with agent upgrade improvements
RMM mobile apps: Updates to both iOS and Android mobile apps with localisation improvements and bug fixes

Apr 9 https://status.n-able.com/2021/04/09/edr-update-for-rmm-advanced-notice/
Endpoint Detection & Response: A series of performance updates and quality improvements for integrated EDR

Apr 7 https://status.n-able.com/2021/04/07/n-able-rmm-apple-device-management-remote-commands-new-monitored-devices-view/
Apple Device Management: Introducing remote commands for ADM-enrolled Macs, including Lock / Shutdown / Restart options
New Monitored Devices view: See servers, workstations and network devices together in the same consolidated view for the first time

Mar 18 https://status.n-able.com/2021/03/18/solarwinds-rmm-apple-device-management-patch-management-engine-updates-new-windows-rc-agent/
Apple Device Management: Workflow improvements to make it easier to apply and manage Apple configuration profiles on Macs
Patch Management Engine update: A set of performance updates and bug fixes

Mar 8 https://status.n-able.com/2021/03/05/solarwinds-rmm-automation-manager-upgrade-with-enhanced-meraki-monitoring/
Automation Manager: Brand new ready-made Meraki monitoring modules in the latest version of Automation Manager

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