Release 1.37.0: Infinite scalability, database tiering, and much more

Release 1.37.0: Infinite scalability, database tiering, and much more

Nov 30, 2022

Another release of the Netdata Monitoring solution is here!

We focused on these key areas:

  1. [**Infinite scalability**](#v1370-inifinite) of the Netdata Ecosystem
  2. Default [**Database Tiering**](#v1370-db-retention), offering **months of data retention** for typical Netdata Agent installations with default settings and **years of data retention** for dedicated Netdata Parents.
  3. [**Overview Dashboards**](#v1370-overview-dash) at Netdata Cloud got a tone of improvements to allow **slicing and dicing of data directly on the UI** and overcome the limitations of the web technology when thousands of charts are presented on one page.
  4. Integration with [**Grafana for custom dashboards**](#v1370-grafana-plugin), using Netdata Cloud as an infrastructure-wide time-series data source for metrics
  5. [**PostgreSQL** monitoring](#v1370-postgressql) completely rewritten offering state of the art monitoring of the database performance and health, even at the table and index level.

Read more here:

And check out our highlighted demo:

This release fixes two security issues, one in streaming authorization and another at the execution of alarm notification commands. All users are advised to update to this version or any later!