The OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release Webinar

The OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release Webinar

May 10, 2021

The OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release accelerates adoption of cloud and cloud native infrastructure with scalable monitoring and real-time alerting.

Rapid Onboarding. CloudOps practitioners can use OpsRamp’s hybrid cloud onboarding guide and auto-monitoring capabilities to discover, onboard, and monitor their hybrid, multi-cloud, and cloud native infrastructure.
Cloud Native Metrics Observability. CloudOps teams can use OpsRamp’s out-of-the-box integration to ingest Prometheus metrics, use the PromQL query builder to build customizable dashboards, and then aggregate, analyze and contextualize Prometheus events for staying ahead of IT service disruptions.
Flexible and Centralized Alerting. CloudOps can use the new alert definition model to build a centralized repository for alert definitions across different metric data. IT teams can streamline threshold settings for different metrics and reduce the time-to-first alert for their hybrid infrastructure.

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