OpsRamp Fall 2020 Release

OpsRamp Fall 2020 Release

Nov 19, 2020

The OpsRamp Fall 2020 Release delivers a frictionless user experience with rapid onboarding of cloud infrastructure, curated dashboards, expanded support for containerized applications, and new process automation functionality.

UX Redesign: The OpsRamp platform delivers a transformed user experience to reduce manual configuration efforts and deliver faster time to metrics for IT operations teams.
Curated Dashboards: Auto monitoring includes the creation of dashboards, which comes in a brand-new interface and is built on a new dashboarding model based on the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL).
Expanded Container and Cloud Monitoring Support: OpsRamp is extending its cloud native monitoring capabilities to support the detection and monitoring of applications running in containerized workloads.
Remediation & Automation: OpsRamp introduces powerful new IT process automation capabilities to save time and improve governance including human interaction for automated workflows and automated workflow monitoring.

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