Observability for Service Organizations | Bart Scheltinga (RawWorks)

Observability for Service Organizations | Bart Scheltinga (RawWorks)

Oct 27, 2021

Observability is trending. Organizations that rely on cloud infrastructure and cloud applications prioritize observability initiatives to get control over their business’s applications. At the same time, we see the “gap” between the on-premises infrastructure and “non-cloud” infrastructure is becoming bigger. Examples are End User Computing (EUC) and Global networks (SD-WAN).

Most observability projects are focused on infrastructures. However, more value can be delivered by monitoring an end-to-end (business) service. In the end, business applications are being used by and End User Computing device, and thus adding these IT components will add significant value to the observability stack.

By implementing custom Citrix and Active directory integrations, we are able provide the business with data to measure the health of their Citrix desktop environment, and how it performs against their KPIs. We call this service monitoring!

In this session I will explain:

  • Why you should monitor at service level
  • Why Datadog is the perfect tool of choice
  • How-to prepare your business
  • When to tailor your monitoring
  • Using Event Management to connect your IT to Service Management