Networking, security & observability with Cilium

Networking, security & observability with Cilium

Mar 31, 2022

Raymond de Jong, Senior Solutions Architect at Isovalent, will be our guest as we explore Cilium - a BPF powered open-source Cloud Native Networking solution, providing security, observability, scalability, and superior performance.

Civo's own Kunal Kushwaha will also look at using Cilium for network policy security on Civo Kubernetes.

Raymond's talk: Cilium - eBPF Powered Networking, Security & Observability
In this session, you'll discover how Cilium with eBPF increases networking performance while providing identity and application-aware security and visibility for your cloud-native workloads. We will also look at Hubble; Cilium's fully distributed networking and security observability platform, and how eBPF enables deep visibility into the communication and behavior of services and networking infrastructure in a completely transparent manner.

Kunal's talk: Cilium network policy security tutorial on Civo
In this talk, we'll demonstrate how you can use Cilium as your preferred CNI when creating a cluster, and we'll deploy an application to test out various network policy security features such as identity-aware, HTTP-aware, and more.