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AI Essentials - Your Gateway to Machine Learning with Kubeflow with Josh Mesout & Rishit Dagli

Join Josh Mesout and Rishit Dagli in our in-depth workshop on Kubeflow as a Service, aimed at demystifying the deployment of machine learning models using open-source tools. This Civo Navigate 24 session caters to participants of all skill levels in machine learning, Kubernetes, and ML infrastructure. It covers foundational aspects of Kubeflow, dives into advanced tools like Llama 2 and Kerve, and showcases how to use these models as cost-effective alternatives to services like ChatGPT.

Managing Infrastructure like a pro, from ClickOps to IaC with Nuno do Carmo & Engin Diri

Dive into the world of infrastructure as code in this detailed workshop led by Nuno do Carmo and Engin Diri. Learn about Civo CLI, the transition from ClickOps to CLI, and how to effectively implement and manage your infrastructure using Pulumi. Whether at home or in the office, enhance your understanding and skills in infrastructure management.

Can Developer Tools Transform Software Security? Unpacking the Shift Left Approach

Emre Baran, co-founder and CEO of Cerbos, joined us at Civo Navigate North America 2024 to speak about the transformative world of developer tools within the "shift left" security approach in software development. During this session, he explains the vital role of building effective authorization layers, enhancing developer experiences, and the pressing need to integrate security early in the development lifecycle.

Surfing the Argo CD Sync Waves with Frederic Harper

Join Frederic Harper from @kubefirst as he explores the dynamic capabilities of Argo CD in this enlightening presentation. Discover how Argo CD transforms Kubernetes and cloud-native application management through GitOps. From synchronization features to security enhancements, learn how this tool can streamline your development processes. Perfect for developers looking to deepen their understanding of continuous delivery within a GitOps framework.

How Thanos Almost Snapped $100,000 from our Infra Budget with S. Srivastava and P. Bedarkar

Join Shubham Srivastava and Pratik Bedarkar from @zenduty at Civo Navigate NA 24 as they delve into the intricacies of infrastructure management. Discover how they thwarted a potential financial catastrophe of $100,000 by employing Thanos for cost optimization and performance improvement. This insightful narrative not only sheds light on their triumphs but also illuminates the path for IT professionals grappling with similar hurdles.

The Future of Observability: High-Performance Observability at Edge and Beyond with Rust

Join Prabhat Sharma, founder of Open Observe, as he delves into the realm of high-performance observability. Learn about the challenges faced by cloud workloads and explore innovative solutions to enhance observability at the edge, in servers, and across cloud environments. Prabhat shares his journey from addressing persistent problems with existing solutions to building Open Observe, an open-source platform revolutionizing logs, metrics, traces, and dashboards. Gain valuable insights into the power of Apache Arrow Data Fusion in optimizing data storage and analytics performance.

How Can OpenTelemetry Transform Your Cloud Native Observability Strategy? Insights from Sudhir Singh

Join Sudhir Singh, co-founder and COO of Cloud Builders, as he delves into the essentials of observability in the cloud-native landscape. In this session, Sudhir explores the advantages of implementing OpenTelemetry over traditional monitoring tools and vendor-specific solutions. Discover why OpenTelemetry is crucial for gaining comprehensive insights into your applications and infrastructure, learn about its role in enhancing system health monitoring, and understand its impact on mitigating potential incidents before they escalate.

Can You Move Stateful Apps with Zero Downtime Across Continents? Kubernetes Live Migration Secrets!

Dive deep into the realm of zero downtime live migration for stateful workloads on Kubernetes! Join Shivansh Vij, founder of Loophole Labs, as they unravel the secrets behind migrating applications like Redis and Postgres across nodes, regions, and continents without a second of downtime. Explore groundbreaking techniques, challenge traditional cloud limitations, and witness live demos that showcase this innovative approach in action.

Announcing Civo VMware Importer Tool - Easily Migrate from VMware to Civo in Minutes!

Join us in this step-by-step tutorial as we guide you through the seamless migration of your VMware instances to Civo's cloud platform with our new VMware Importer Tool. From verifying your current VMware's functionality to the final connection checks on Civo, we cover everything you need to ensure a smooth transition.