MSP Live Chat: MSP M&A - What Buyers Are Looking For

MSP Live Chat: MSP M&A - What Buyers Are Looking For

Oct 16, 2021

Don't miss your chance to hear MSP-focused investors share their buying criteria and answer a host of fantastic questions from the audience.

Whether you're contemplating an exit in two years or 10, knowing exactly what buyers are looking for can help you plan ahead and calibrate toward getting the best valuation possible. Better yet, even if an exit isn't on your mind at all, simply knowing this criteria can provide you with a blueprint for building a better, more profitable business.

This was a wonderfully candid discussion with MSP Corp co-founder Ravi Ramharak and CTO David Papp. We came away with a firm grasp of the following and more:

  • The two primary types of buyers for MSPs
  • What those buyers DO and DON'T want to see, including what tools they want to see in your tech stack
  • What the buying process looks like
  • The top factors that affect valuation
  • Macro trends in MSP M&A, including heightened security scrutiny
  • Top-performer benchmarks in terms of margins, staffing ratio, and more

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